Private thoughts are a marvel. Clear cut and potent to their owner, yet weighing nothing and completely invisible to others. (Which is typically a very good thing). But some ideas are worth catching, and worth sharing.  

And if one’s musings begin to tumble out onto paper, meaning and message are typically the focal point.  I’d wager that shape and color are of little concern at that point. 

But when we do decide to share our scribbles and convey a lucid and persuasive item, then color and shape come into focus. Thats when the tools of information design can light a fire. The prominent display of a key thought, the rhythm of shapes on a page, the harmony of tints- these thoughtful embellishments can elevate a message from messy to magnificent. 

My name is Phil, and InfoKiln is my wide ranging information design business. I  offer solid photographic, design, print, web and planning services- detailed at right.

In 1975, I fell in love with the elegant presentation of ideas– when I joined some printing craftsmen as an apprentice  (at the Oldstyle Press, in Palo Alto) and watched them print letterheads and brochures for great designers. The results were thrilling, and I was hooked on learning about paper, presses, embossing, foil, ink and . . .  In 1985, I bought a Mac, and began studying typography and design right then. Somehow, year after year, I found interesting jobs in the graphic arts, and ended up managing the ink on paper process for a few exceptional magazines, for 40 years. (Fine Cooking, Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding etc.) I’m still learning– and, having a blast helping clients craft beautiful, clear and simple documents. 


InfoKiln - what we bring to the table . . .

Solid project analysis and planning skills - to identify what's needed, what's cost effective, what's missing. 
Content counsel- I will collaborate to discuss what to highlight, and how to sequence things, so the message emerges as clear, inviting and memorable
Deep understanding of print options - across sheet fed, web and digital presses.
Extensive Photography skills - capturing, cataloging and color correcting images
Crafting InDesign documents that are deceptively simple. Creating & routing perfect files, for any vendor.
Extensive paper knowledge  so we can let the substrate make a contribution to the final composition
Deep knowledge of hi-impact print techniques
Mac and PC literate including MS Office Apps (Word, Excel and Access)
Print production savvy to deliver low cost, high quality, on time products
Web Design and e-mail messaging design
World class library of graphic design samples, culled from 4 decades of collecting (hoarding?)

Phil Van Kirk
Roxbury, Connecticut